What about Barack?

I'm going to re-establish the use of my once famous site, "Truth Crusader." I have a new issue to discuss, because I'm looking to get involved. I want to know what people know and think about Barack Obama. Please check-out what I have to say, make your own comments, and read the comments of others HERE.


Sedona Pictures!

I'm finally posting some pictures from my vacation in Sedona Arizona. Hope you like them!

Arizona (Sedona, Grand Canyon etc.)

This was a fabulous vacation. These pictures are in chronological order.

Sasha in action!

This picture is from the hike Sasha, Ken and I did to find a geo-cache. It was the best view of the Sedona Valley that I saw all week. Looking back over all my pictures though, I realize that it was evidently very hard to represent the beauty of the place on film. At least it must have been for me, because there were far fewer pictures that I really liked than I expected to find. On the other hand, I got some great pictures with people in them, which in the past has not been a strong point for me.

John kept telling me to get closer to him to get this shot. . . he was right.

Nice one of Ken.

You can just barely see Sasha!

Classic. . . Kyle was a real trooper though.

I did not expect to see hooked cacti.