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New Project

My new project. . . if it works. . . out is:
Check it out.

Beaux Arts 2006

The Truth Crusader Strikes. . . . (not again. . . . yet)
I'm not going to say alot about Beaux Arts, except that it was awesome! It is the annual costume dance put on by AIAS at the architecture school. The theme this year was "If I wasn't an architect I would be a(an)_______.
I was a "Truth Crusader."
Here is another good photo page:
These are Erika's pictures.


Funny Stuff

What's funny is that I can still only find one thing that is funny anough to put here!
This song it NOT for immature ears. Oh who I am kidding, I listen to it. Still. . . no kids!


I have passed "Gate!"

Let life continue. For the small price of some sleep I have passed the "gate" part of my thesis sequence! This means a few things: One, I will have time to "blog" more. Two, I get to start work as scheduled this summer at Port City Architecture. Three, I may stop being tired at some point here.

So if you are wondering what "gate" is I will explain: I am in my last year of architecture school. And all of us do an architectural "thesis." In this case the thesis is the design of a building. Yesterday was a sort of cut off day, where I had to put all my design ideas to date on a wall and my teachers looked at it and all my classmates' work while we were gone. They then decided if we were on track to finish by graduation in May. I am on track!

My presentation was really not very good, but in my defense I wasn't trying to have a good presentation, I was just trying to convey a lot of information. I am excited to have a "killer" presentation in May.

Here is a picture of my project:
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Robert Thomas Has Gone Superweb!

My good friend Robert has a website! As of today I think.
Go see!