Fathers, Mothers, Women, Men and Parents

Hi Everyone,
I'm not writing about an easy topic tonight. At least for me anyway. I want to talk about my parents, what their relationship was like, and how it has effected me. I am interested in this as a young man who wants to become a good man. I want to try to imagine how I will deal with life, marriage and kids. I guess I am really interested in fathers, and I'm interested in your input. I will most likely be a partner, husband or father, but I'm not sure what that will mean.

I am asking for comments, stories and feelings about parents, partners and their roles. You can respond with your name or anonymously by clicking on "comments" below.

The first comment is by me. It focuses on fathers more than mothers because that is what I'm thinking about.

Please consider writing something as long or short as you see fit, and if you don't want to write at all that's fine too.

Thank you.