Wind Energy Survey

I have been meaning to post this for awhile!
Wind Energy Project

Wind Energy Survey

Last spring I was lucky enough to be able to help my professor with a survey on wind energy. The goal was to get a set of statistics about what factors are important to people when considering wind energy. With this knowledge supporters of wind farms would have a better idea of how to educate communities. I work on this project a bit a year ago, on specific slides, and again this spring. This spring I did the recording of the audio tracks for the automated survey. I then edited down the audio and added it to the powerpoint presentation. This presentation was later converted to the PDF that you can download here:

Survey with audio (large file, but worth it)
(I would recommend right clicking and doing "save link as."_


Thesis Document

My Thesis Document is Done!!!!

Here are the first five pages of my document, including the contents page so you know what you're missing. I you would like the whole document feel free to email me for the full size PDF. I would love to have people read it if they are interested.

Click the pages to be able to read them.

PS The full PDF is now available for download here.

Many, Many Things

I have many things to note and talk about, and even though this is always true, what is different about today is that I am doing it. Yes, there is a reason:
During my lunch break today I went to One City Center in Portland and joined a crowd of people who supported Net Neutrality. We listened to three speakers and then delivered a petition of over 4000 signatures to Olympia Snowe's office. The whole this was quite interesting to me despite the fact that I don't really know how to "keep the network neutral." I certainly fear an internet where some people get more exposure to their sites by paying a price, while others get very little. I don't like the idea of that at all. That said I have no idea what the solution would be and how it would be legislated etc. If you have any doubts on the complexity of the issue there is tons of stuff on wikipedia.
Like I said though, the event was very interesting. I met a number of very active and motivated people, including Eli Pariser, the head person for moveon.org. Eli has recently moved to Portland! (of all places) and is 25 years old. Needless to say, I am at least a little inspired by him and what he has done.

In other news, I have in general been trying to switch gears this week. For the last 18 years of my life I would see this as a time to return to self-enriching endeavors, and I figure I can still try to use that model. Specifically this means that I am now reading the Land Use Ordinances of the City of Westbrook and I will be at my first Westbrook Planning Board meeting next Tuesday the 5th. I discovered in downloading documents from Westbrook that Michael Foley is a Councilor at Large! He is the little brother of a friend of mine! At least I will have one person to talk to if I start going to council meetings too.
Here is the link to the zoning map. . . why? Because for some reason I could look at that thing for hours. . . you might not get that pleasure though if you don't live in Westbrook.

I am adding a bunch of links to the MISC par of my site, so I'll just cue people into them now:
Another friend with a site: myninjaplease
More funny stuff!
Another good site: Portland Buy Local

I think that is it for this entry. . . good!


Grade A Day!

An exclamation. . . today was really nice! (Really nice is just a silly phrase to me. . . so I'm laughing at myself.) Seriously, fall has arrived. Hot, not too hot, clear, high clouds, windy. . . awesome! Made better by the fact that I got two Erin Mckeown CDs last night and Winterpills CD today. (updates on the music part of my blog to come) These CDs were happily purchased with a gift certificate I earned for house hitting last week with 3 cats. (never mind the beer that was stashed in the fridge for my leisure) There, good things recorded.
In other news:
I complete my thesis this weekend back at RDub. That's keeping me a little busy this week.