Grade A Day!

An exclamation. . . today was really nice! (Really nice is just a silly phrase to me. . . so I'm laughing at myself.) Seriously, fall has arrived. Hot, not too hot, clear, high clouds, windy. . . awesome! Made better by the fact that I got two Erin Mckeown CDs last night and Winterpills CD today. (updates on the music part of my blog to come) These CDs were happily purchased with a gift certificate I earned for house hitting last week with 3 cats. (never mind the beer that was stashed in the fridge for my leisure) There, good things recorded.
In other news:
I complete my thesis this weekend back at RDub. That's keeping me a little busy this week.

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  1. Good luck on the thesis finish up. IM me if you need commiseration, I'll be working on Chapter 1.