A little vacation. . . a lot to think about.

What a weekend! Falcon Ridge Folk Festival from Thursday to Sunday. It may have rained most of that time, but it didn't seem to bother anyone there. There were barefooted people running through the mud everywhere!

Lots of thoughts:
Can Al Gore run in the presidential campaign as pres or vice pres again? I sort of think he is one of the few people who could rally the left right now. (As the result of his movie.) I think rallying the 'left" is important because it hasn't been done in many years (for one thing) and for another, there is no point in competing with McCain for the "moderates" if he indeed runs as all think he will. That all said, I think the Al should run with Hillary, although I am not yet sure who should be running for president. Probably Hillary, although I support Gore more. Hillary has potential for new across the board support.
These suggestions for candidates represent a new thinking for me: I now admit that this is just politics. There are very likely better people positioned to run, but in my opinion these two would be the most likely to win combo for the Democrats. And right now, winning is extremely important. VERY VERY important. For world opinion, for global warming, for the Supreme Court balance.

Continuing thoughts: Why returning to Portland, was a great decision:
1. I am near my grandparents
2. I can bike into the country side.
3. I can bike into Portland.
4. I can bus into Portland.
5. I can bus to Boston.
6. I have a job with good people and a very fair boss.
7. I can have lunch on the wharf.
8. The head of moveon.org just moved to town. (he's 24 years old)
9. I see people who I used to know all the time, and I'm reconnecting with them.
10. Westbrook and Portland are definitely up-and-coming cities.
11. I get to swim in the Saco River and in the ocean.
12. I can contra dance as much as a want.
13. I get to do a cappella improvisational singing once a month.
14. I get to much people who are homeless on the bus.
15. I can easily get involved in Westbrook and Portland politics.
16. My home (at my mom's house for now) has an amazing yard, with a screen house and a campfire ring.
17. The Old Port on Summer weekends.
18. Friends from high school are around and still great to see.
eighteen is a good number I guess.

More thoughts:
It occurred to me that there should be a website with a title something like "wikilaw." The site would have laws and explanations, and implications of these laws. It turns out the is a "wikilaw" but there is hardly anything there. Maybe it will get better. We all need a good place to turn to understand our countries policy. Does anyone know a good place?

I am thinking that when I have time, my "truth crusader" site still has a ton of potential. It should really be a site that links and organizes sources of information that help people make decisions. Basically, it would make "truths" more accessible. It could link "wikilaw." It could link that site that shows ownership trees of corporations. It could link sites that breakdown that health aspects of materials in our homes.

that's it for now. . . although there could be more. . .

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