Note to self. . .

I need to remember now much of an impact experience can have. I need to remember how good it feels to really connect with people. I need to remember how important it is to use my hands to do things, and where my food comes from and who my neighbors are, and what beautiful fall day is like and how good it feels to swim, and what it feels like to share a moment with someone, and what it feels like to sing even if its just noises, and how good a hug can be and that people have incredible ability. This weekend just had a lot of very raw experiences. And I am grateful for that.
This evening I just hosted a vocal improv group at my house, and as a fellow signer there said. . . "Thank you source!"


All in good fun

OK! If you're serious about having fun with this entry. . . then you'll have to follow my intructions exactly. Otherwise, you will have fun, but only in a limited way. Here goes:

1. Get Edy's vanilla ice cream
2. Get Gritty McDuffs Best Brown Ale
3. Eat and drink. It's just a great flavor combo! No, I have not actually made a beer float yet. That's why you should!
4. Watch this great dance while you enjoy the food. It was sent to me by Toph Cyll.
Tread Mill Dance

5. Read the following email that was forwarded to me:
(This is adult humor, no laughing allowed!)

The Washington Post runs a weekly contest in its Style section called
the "Style Invitational". The requirements this week were to use the
two words Lewinsky (The Intern) and Kaczynski (the Unabomber) in the
same limerick. The following winning entries, remember, were printed
in the newspaper.

Third place:
There once was a gal named Lewinsky
Who played on a flute like Stravinsky
'Twas "Hail to the Chief"
On this flute made of beef
That stole the front page from Kaczynski.

Second place:
Said Clinton to young Ms. Lewinsky,
We don't want to leave clues like Kaczynski,
Since you made such a mess,
Use the hem of your dress
And please wipe that stuff off of your chinsky."

And the winning entry:
Lewinsky and Clinton have shown
What Kaczynski must surely have known
That an intern is better
Than a bomb in a letter
When deciding how best to be blown

6. Now, if that wasn't too much for you I tried writing my own:

I just need to ask you one question.
Is Kaczynski a man of affection?
If Lewinsky were there?
And He in Bill's chair?
No silly, that's just an erection.

I hope you had fun. Have a great day!


Greater Portland Photography

Sappi Mill in Westbrook. . . I took the picture from the bus. It was around zero degrees, and I think that's what makes the smoke/steam so sharply defined.
Sometime this past Summer (2006) I took this pic in monument square. I am not the first to get something that looks like this, but at least I've done it now!

One afternoon this Fall I stopped by the front of the Portland Museum of Art for a bit. . .

Yesterday Sasha and I went out with her new camera! It was very cool! She was a good coach. These are pictures that I took while we were in the Old Port.

This is leaving westbrook towards Gorham on Rt. 25.
This is a night picture of the back door to Saccarappa Elementary School in Westbrook.
This one was taken looking over a building between Congress and Cumberland in Portland.
This is a Parking Garage in Auburn.
This is the side gate to the McKlellan House behing the Portland Museum of Art.