Greater Portland Photography

Sappi Mill in Westbrook. . . I took the picture from the bus. It was around zero degrees, and I think that's what makes the smoke/steam so sharply defined.
Sometime this past Summer (2006) I took this pic in monument square. I am not the first to get something that looks like this, but at least I've done it now!

One afternoon this Fall I stopped by the front of the Portland Museum of Art for a bit. . .

Yesterday Sasha and I went out with her new camera! It was very cool! She was a good coach. These are pictures that I took while we were in the Old Port.

This is leaving westbrook towards Gorham on Rt. 25.
This is a night picture of the back door to Saccarappa Elementary School in Westbrook.
This one was taken looking over a building between Congress and Cumberland in Portland.
This is a Parking Garage in Auburn.
This is the side gate to the McKlellan House behing the Portland Museum of Art.


  1. The parking garage is really nice, I like the colours a lot!

  2. I think the one of the warf and water is terrific. The posts really draw your eye back and give a great sense of depth and space and personally I just love reflections so like the building mirrored in the water