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First Annual Portland Music Festival

Ok, I'm starting to get frustrated with the music venue owners here in town. There are many (too many) venues and y'all need to work t'gether y'hear.

Here's the simple one: Start coordinating more with the First Friday Art Walk. First Friday shows should be great lineups, they should start a bit earlier, and everyone should know about them.

Here's the hard one: We need a music festival. Start with say, two nights. Friday and Saturday. Every venue in town brings in a couple hot out of town acts (to draw out of town crowds) and all the openers are the many Portland bands that totally rock and need more exposure. Someone (with a tiny bit of guts and capital) puts it all in one easy to use schedule that people can walk around with. Then there's advertising.

My point is just that we have great venues and we have great bands. We just don't have enough people to support them. BRING MORE PEOPLE!