MAST, the ZOOM Bus, and LD 673

I've been working with other members of MAST to promote LD 673, submitted by Representative Bradley Moulton of the York, Maine area. This bill would offer a significant improvement to the regional transportation infrastructure of Southern Maine.

In a nutshell, this bill would: (click here to read the bill)
  • Expand the existing ZOOM Bus route to go from York, to Augusta.
  • Require the MTA to turn over 3% of  its operating revenue for use on non-turnpike Maine roads.
  • Fund the installation of wifi on all ZOOM buses to encourage transit use as a more productive way to travel.
I made this poster to be used to promote the bill:

You can download the poster here.

Some thoughts from others on LD 673:
  • Tux Terkel of the Portland Press Herald wrote this on the proposal.
  • Christian Milneil wrote this great op.ed. on the subject
  • The Conservation Law Foundation has posted this blog on the proposal.
Please consider telling your Maine legislator to support this bill!


PSA Featured Member

I have been enjoying my involvement on the Portland Society of Architects Advocacy Committee. Recently as part of being on that committee I was able to be the facilitator for an informal chat on contracts and project delivery methods used in the construction industry. It was a great experience and I learned quite a bit.

Even more recently than that, I was chosen to be the PSA featured member. Here's the write-up:

Evan Carroll grew up in Westbrook, Maine and attended Roger Williams University, receiving a BArch in 2006. At RWU Evan was a radio DJ, ultimate (Frizbee) player and a capella singer. Evan minored in music, studied abroad in Florence, and worked with professors as a tutor and on a statewide wind energy study.
While attending RWU Evan summered at home in Westbrook and took the bus into Portland for jobs with Pizzagalli Construction, the Portland Museum of Art, and Port City Architecture. The positive experiences with summer jobs and desire to be near family brought Evan back to Maine after graduation.
Evan is now married to Sasha Salzberg, and they live with their two cats and a dog in a house they own in East Bayside. To entertain themselves Evan and Sasha write, make art, do photography, dance, enjoy the outdoors, are music scenesters, and interfere with local politics.
Recently, Evan has been on the Westbrook Planning Board, the Executive Board for Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Maine (HOBY Maine), the Steering Committee for the Maine Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST), the Pecha Kucha Board, and the PSA Advocacy Committee. Evan has just completed his AREs and is now officially a Maine Licensed Architect.
Evan and Sasha have high hopes for their involvement in the future of Portland. They love the creative, collaborative atmosphere fostered in Portland and see many opportunities for the city as a creative Mecca in the future.
Evan hopes to help Portland become a more livable city by continuing to advocate for thoughtful transportation planning on all scales as an integral part of the built environment. Evan believes that his role as an architect is to look inward at how spaces shape peoples’ lives and outward at how the built environment shapes society.
You can see the write-up on the PSA website here.


Pecha Kucha

Sasha and I have now been on the Pecha Kucha Portland Board for a few months, and I have to say that Pecha Kucha is one of the best creative forums that there IS right now. If you're not in the Portland area, look Pecha Kucha up, as there is probably one near you.

The goal of Pecha Kucha is to get a lot of creative people together to share their ideas and images. Its set up in a super condensed format where there are TEN presenters in an evening, and each only gets 6 minutes and 40 seconds (20 slides for 20s each).

The event is truly a blast and its been an honor for us to help with the curating process. Below are the images that Sasha and I presented when we were emcees for the Portland Pecha Kucha this past Fall. There is no audio for this one, so it might not make a lot of sense.

Sasha and I also presented at PK last winter about Food Art! (This one has audio!)


Flowers. . . in review.

I recently was talking to a friend about flower pictures, and thought I would show some!