Hadestown by Anais Mitchell (WOW!!!!!!)

Well, I'm no good at reviews, as you might know if you had read my previous ones. That however will not stop me from trying to share TOTALLY AWSOME music!

I think that "totally awesome" is exactly what we have on our hands with Hadestown by Anais Mitchell. It is a Folk Opera that has apparently been in process for a long time, and is recorded in collaboration with a great group of artists. To name a few, Greg Brown, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Ben Knox Miller (Low Anthem) and Ani DiFranco.

I really love all of these songs!
Way Down Hadestown - is a perfect use of a folk standard.
Wait for Me - Is beautiful, spooky and dark.
Why We Build the Wall - is written in an ask-and-answer format that sucks you in and sends the listener's thoughts way beyond the plot of the story.
Epic (1 and 2) - are beautiful narrations.
Lover's Desire - is on my list for most beautiful melodies!

Listen to this album-story-commentary and enjoy!


Finally FooDart!

Well, we now have the audio to our Pecha Kucha presentation! It's not like being there, but at least people can at least hear what we said. I hope you all enjoy this. It's a product of many weird evenings.


First Run

I went for my first run of the year.
It seems to be a spring thing for me.
I never seem to hold out doing it all summer.
It was great to enjoy the weather and sun though. I think I may have a sunburn.
It's amazing to walk out my front door and go for a run on the water and almost entirely without cars.

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