Yoga. . . .

Here is the video that I talked about last time. It was more fun for me to make than it will be to see.


Evening at Home

I did some yoga this evening to a great song from the Lost in Translation Soundtrack called "Alone in Kyoto." I enjoyed this enough to have spent the last few hours trying to choreograph what I saw while doing yoga, with the song. While that task was all encompassing, interesting, and possibly rewarding, I was interrupted by something much cooler: The sounds of fiddle, clapping and singing coming from somewhere in my neighborhood! I just walked around the block to try to see the players, and while I am confident that I have located them, I could not see them. The sound of fiddle echoing through space takes me back to my childhood when I would fall asleep at my father's band's contra dances, and that feeling is a pleasure.

I would like to share my yoga experience as well. I recommend watching this full screen, in the dark, with headphones.

(video to come. . . sorry)

Granny's Burritos

I joined the Portland Ultimate League this summer, and I'm happy to say we had our first WIN last night! This win comes after three tough losses, so I think we (the whole team) are very happy. We really played solidly: few drops, few thrown away passes, excellent ZONE defense. If you want to keep tabs on our progress you can go here, and feel free to come and watch some games if you so desire.


Also, Sasha has taken some great pictures of us playing, and I hope to put a few of those up at some point.


New Camera

There's a few more pics here: (on my main blog)

Share Art

I have a new camera.

It is much more versatile than my old one, and I've been learning its workings all week.

Photography is a special art form for me as I am able to enjoy it intuitively. Intuitiveness is my goal for any art form but I have only been able to achieve it in photography. To me, a photographer should be able to walk about, see things, frame them and capture them without consciously analyzing them. With each additional moment spent taking pictures the goal is to become more and more relaxed and focused. It should be almost meditative.

Sasha and I have gone on frequent "photo-walks" this week and have been able to strive for this experience together. Sometimes one or both of us is "in the zone" and other times we talk a lot and discuss shots. Sasha has a very good knowledge of photography and will always give me pointers if I need them. I think helping me helps her get excited about challenging herself to find more shots to capture. While we are both trying to find shots for ourselves we're also helping each other be inspired.

And that is what is so great about art: it is both intuitive and intellectual, both internally and externally influenced. Every artist wants to create in their own way, but an artist can learn new techniques, perspectives and styles by looking to others. The artist creates something that will be enjoyed a second time through when they share it with others.

Art is a cycle of learning, executing, and sharing. Learning to prepare for an new challenge, executing for self fulfillment and sharing to present a finished work or receive feedback.

I feel that photography is (at least for now) really coming back to me because Sasha and I are going through this cycle together. I hope we keep it up, but even if we move on to other obsessions/interests it's great to be here right now.

If you've got some art that needs sharing, please do. It's great to have this feeling back. I don't think I've had it much since school.

See more pics here: