Evening at Home

I did some yoga this evening to a great song from the Lost in Translation Soundtrack called "Alone in Kyoto." I enjoyed this enough to have spent the last few hours trying to choreograph what I saw while doing yoga, with the song. While that task was all encompassing, interesting, and possibly rewarding, I was interrupted by something much cooler: The sounds of fiddle, clapping and singing coming from somewhere in my neighborhood! I just walked around the block to try to see the players, and while I am confident that I have located them, I could not see them. The sound of fiddle echoing through space takes me back to my childhood when I would fall asleep at my father's band's contra dances, and that feeling is a pleasure.

I would like to share my yoga experience as well. I recommend watching this full screen, in the dark, with headphones.

(video to come. . . sorry)

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