Sasha's Modeling Shoot

Sasha and I went out to her secret spot for taking portraits, and we did a photo shoot of her. Taking modeling pictures was an eye opening experience for me, but I love the results. She's so beautiful!

Some of my favorites are right here, but at the bottom you can also see a slideshow with all of them.

HOBY Maine Program Book and Videos

We just had the 2009 HOBY Maine Seminar a few weeks ago, and it was another great one. This year I did not have my own group of students, but instead was more of a coordinator for the whole seminar. (At least from the kids' perspectives.) Beth did the seminar planning again this year and did a great job!

This year I was the Director of Publicity for the Board, and among my responsibilities was the website and the Seminar Program Book. You can look at the Program book PDF here.

For the website I made two simple videos to better explain what HOBY is to the parents and students. This first one talks generally about what HOBY is, and why a person should donate.

This second video tells prospective seminar students a bit more about what to expect at the HOBY Seminar.

Please check out our HOBY Maine Website and consider donating.