Portland Mayor: Questions from an Architect

As Portland moves closer to the "Portland Mayoral Choose-Fest" I'm putting on my professional hat and thinking about questions that need answering.
  • Do you believe that increased regional planning can benefit the business climate or health and wellbeing for the businesses and residents of Portland? Why or why not?
  • As mayor, how much power will you have to increase efficiencies in the many permitting processes that new and existing businesses face in Portland? How will you use your given powers for the maximum effect?
  • Portland is a city that depends heavily on its image to attract a complex group of tourists from art critics to foodies to leaf peepers. How does the built environment contribute to this image? Does the city benefit from contemporary architecture?
  • What can architects and contractors do to help you and your goals for Portland?
  • Are there creative solutions for filling all the empty commercial lease spaces in Portland?
  • What is one way that the city and the creative economy can work together TODAY to help promote Portland to the world at large?
  • Portland is a mixed use city. Where is this working well and where is it NOT working well?
  • How does Portland continue on a path of economic development without making the city too expensive for its residents?
  • What is your vision for how the streets of Portland might look different in 20 years? In 50 years?
Do you have any questions for our future mayor? Post them here!