Note to self. . .

I need to remember now much of an impact experience can have. I need to remember how good it feels to really connect with people. I need to remember how important it is to use my hands to do things, and where my food comes from and who my neighbors are, and what beautiful fall day is like and how good it feels to swim, and what it feels like to share a moment with someone, and what it feels like to sing even if its just noises, and how good a hug can be and that people have incredible ability. This weekend just had a lot of very raw experiences. And I am grateful for that.
This evening I just hosted a vocal improv group at my house, and as a fellow signer there said. . . "Thank you source!"

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  1. Evan: I've always valued your thoughts and ways of thinking. Life has been spinning for me here while at school, i often wish i could slow it down to find the balance i need. The wonderful things you wrote about I can't remember the last time i've experienced this. Although, Maine i quite possibly the closest i've come. :)