I have passed "Gate!"

Let life continue. For the small price of some sleep I have passed the "gate" part of my thesis sequence! This means a few things: One, I will have time to "blog" more. Two, I get to start work as scheduled this summer at Port City Architecture. Three, I may stop being tired at some point here.

So if you are wondering what "gate" is I will explain: I am in my last year of architecture school. And all of us do an architectural "thesis." In this case the thesis is the design of a building. Yesterday was a sort of cut off day, where I had to put all my design ideas to date on a wall and my teachers looked at it and all my classmates' work while we were gone. They then decided if we were on track to finish by graduation in May. I am on track!

My presentation was really not very good, but in my defense I wasn't trying to have a good presentation, I was just trying to convey a lot of information. I am excited to have a "killer" presentation in May.

Here is a picture of my project:
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