So, this happened awhile ago, but Maggie and I went camping. No, not car camping. . . bike camping. We found a nice campground, recommended by a friend. (Phil the angel, St. Phil, etc. More to come on him.) To be precise, we squatted. In the most beautiful squatter's site I can imagine. So yeah, there was poison ivy, and flat tires, and fear of being joined by strangers, but that's not all. There was also concord grapes, wine, and of course morning sun on the bay. Squatting. . . yes I recommend trying it once. Especially if your view is this one.


  1. Evan it be Matti... your message posts looked kinda bare so I thought I'd spice it up... with parsley. I can agree, though, that camping in almost any way, shape, or form is quite enjoyable and puts the "Live Life To The Fullest" meter up to 11. Peace and love.

  2. hi evan its maggie
    this picture is great... are there any others from that day? I'd like to see them if so.
    look I'm posting on your blog!

  3. this is a beautiful spot! ruth