The drydock

I get alot of comments on these pictures. People seems to have some sort of romantic affinity to decaying industry. I do too. Makes me feel secure.

Here is another important missed entry. In February John and I visited his thesis site in Boston: an abandoned drydock. It was both an awesome and sketchy experience. You know, one of those fenced off, but not fenced off well places. They're saying "Do not enter!" and "By all means. . . enjoy!" at the same time.
First, we went down into the pitch black control room. Dripping ceiling, flaking orange paint, and an awesome, very dated, control panel with a big ol' analog clock in the top center. The floor was actually a grate and in some areas we could see down to water. The large vacant hole of the drydock was also quite amazing; just huge!

The last part of our exhibition was to the summit of of one of the great blue cranes! About at the point when I was as high as I was gonna go (and totally exposed to view) I looked out to the harbor and saw a police boat circling. Just circling. I got freaked out, John got freaked out we pretty much ran away. It was all well worth it.

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