Hot Sextet

These guys aren't really a band anymore, but they're all still around. It was really fun following them around and taking pictures last year. One day I'll have a better camera. My point and shoot (with a few other minor adjusters) really doesn't cut it in concert situations, but its all I have for now. Anyway lets see the pictures!
I lived with Tony Hollums last year. He is one of the most energetic capable musicians I know. He's doing cool stuff in the Boston area now.
Tony C. is still here at SAAHP. Great sax player! I'm not sure what next year will be for him.
Heather was the last addition to the band, but her trumpet style was a great addition.
Here's Liam, one of the two guitar players. I never got a good picture of the other guitar player.

This shot is from the cafeteria at our school.

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