Idiotarod. . . . it happened

This entry should have been made awhile ago. . . I did the Idiotarod 2006 in NYC this year. Describe it you ask? I'll do my best. Here's the simple version: foodfight meets costume party meets marathon. We went from Brooklyn to Manhattan, we pushed a shopping cart, we dressed "upside down," and we even had a few beers in public. . . . it wasn't our fault, everyone was doing it! I guess the police weren't so keen on the whole race though. Oh yeah, if I were to add one word to the list of foodfight, costume party and marathon, I think it would be RIOT. This first picture is us in the heat of it. In the background you can see one of the "team zebras."
in the lower left is our upside down cart. If you can't tell what John and bill are wearing, well obviously its pants! The other picture is the four guys proudly posed with our speed machine.

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