Cars and Erin McKeown

Last night I watched Cars (the Disney movie) and went to an Erin McKeown show at Space Gallery. I need to talk about both. Erin, I have to say, is awesome! She has a amazing voice, she's a great guitar player, she has stage presence, a sense of humor and a great band! I love her lyrics and her music. And seeing her at a small (but full) place like the Space is perfect. It was just an awesome show!
But yeah, Cars. . . I was surprised by the movie a bit. For being a movie completely about cars, it managed to be pretty successful at slamming "life in the fast lane." There was this whole part where it talked about the demise of towns on Route 66 after the building of the new interstate. It talked about the joy of travel and not just getting to your destination. To me it seemed to kind of be making a plug for "the new urbanism" while at the same time letting me see the "New Deal" in a whole new light.
Oh yeah, the movie was entertaining too.



  1. Haha, how funny is that?

    I just discovered Erin McKeown yesterday while listening to Pandora's suggestions of artists that sound like Joanna Newsom. I've only heard a song or two, but she sounded fantastic.


  2. I thought Cars was one of the best movies I've seen... Or maybe, in my list of favorites (it's maybe not Oscar material, I'll give you that much). Funny, well done, lots of hidden car symbolism (haha), and a good message too as you said...