I guess I'm liberal

Over the last month I have accumulated a few things that I thought were cool and interesting. There is no hiding my leanings though. the things I will show here are as follows:
-Really cool art about American consumerism.
-The Barack Obama speech on race in America.
-The feature from PBS's Frontline called "Bush's War."

The art:
When my mom sent me this link i just thought these pieces were fantastic. I would love for this artist to come to Portland, so that I could stand next to them and look at them. I think that is were they really become art. . . when you experience the scale for yourself. . . theoretically. . . seeing as I haven't.

The Speech :
I am already an Obama supporter, but I really feel this was a great speech! I appreciate that Obama doesn't answer complicated questions with simple answers. I worry that much of America is not as impressed with this approach as I am, but I am happy to feel like I don't have to compromise on finding a candidate I like. I really feel that Obama is the right guy.

The Program:
This program on the Iraq War is well done. It actually had me dreaming about Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. Not pleasant, but it says a lot about the influence it had on me. I have not even finished watching it.

I hope any or all of you get something from these links. They really stand out from other things I've seen in the last few months.

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