Music: a backlog

I think I am going to start talking about music more often. I've been listening to more new albums lately than I have in years. This is a list of tracks that I've already posted on Facebook, but never posted here.

Colin Macintyre is the main guy in Mull Historical Society. His new album I've been listening to a bunch today, and I am definitely enjoying it. The music is good, and there's much more in the lyrics than I have yet appreciated.

"The Supermarket Strikes Back" is both musically and thematically similar to Arcade Fire. Great song!

My friend Jesse played "A Little Lost" for me the other night, and as a result I've been listening quite a bit to the whole Another Thought album. Authur Russel is a bit weirder than the other music on this list.

"Little Secrets" is certainly where my love for pop can be found these days. I can't think of a song that better delivers what one wants to hear. This song was also a lasting theme through summer 2009.
(By the way I got married to Sasha last August 2009! It was a fantastic wedding! We planned it all ourselves, and loved doing it together. That made me feel good. I think that if we can collaborate well on a wedding then will will certainly be rolling out more creative exploits. We also bought a house. We live in a fixer-upper in Portland, and I walk to work every day. This has been yet another product of our collaboration, and I should post some pictures of it.)

"I think Ur a Contra" is by far my favorite track from the new Vampire Weekend album. I've listened to it on repeat for longer than I should.

The newest Yeah Yeah Yeahs is very good. "Skeletons" is one of my fav. tracks.

My friend John had me listen to Hockey. There are a lot of different sounds on this album, but if it makes any sense, I like the attitude of it. "Four Holy Photos" could easily be a mockery of religion, but somehow it isn't.

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