Thank you hillytown!!!!!

The more I visit hillytown.com the more I wonder how I ever did without it. If you want to see local bands in Portland, it's the place to go and learn your $hit.

I also want to share my love for the phrase "Hilly Town." It's a great song by the Ponys (now Phantom Buffalo) and here's the story of how I first heard it.

My good friend Toph and I were in our first year of college, and home from school for some holiday. Our typical gig was to wander around Portland until something happened to us. This method generally worked out and this particular eve was no exception. I had never even heard of Space Gallery, as I think they were in their first year.

As we walked down the best part of Congress, some kickin' music spilled out of a shop-front I had never noticed before. We went inside Space for the first time, and heard the Pony's for the first time. They were fantastic. I still love to hear the medley from the beginning of Shishimumu played live. It gives me chills and sends me back to that moment. We danced like crazy (we may have even started the dancing) and I even bought the vinyl EP with the Necktie song.

Here's where the story gets good. When the lights came up, we realized that we were at a wedding reception. We crashed a wedding to see the Ponys! I can't think of a more bad-ass way to be introduced to the Space or the Ponys. I would love to know who's wedding this was. It was in 2001 or 2002. Anyone have any info on this one?

Once again, thanks to everyone who makes seeing live music in this hilly town so awesome.

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