Chilili - Folk Dance (. . . LEGOS!)

My fantastic wedding and marriage to Sasha did not receive quite enough blog attention.

One of the best parts of  our reception was doing a few international folk dances with all the guests, led by my mom. More recently than the wedding Sasha, my sister, Jesse and I recreated one of the dances with Legos.

International folk dance is a great mix of history, anthropology and (you guessed it) DANCING.
I intended to include a picture of the dancing from the wedding reception but we don't have one that really captures it.

Here's what the dance really looks like:

And here's how to do it yourself:


  1. Hi Evan,
    I am a music teacher in Portland Maine (Ocean Ave) and I've seen the lego video on many many music teachers blogs but had no idea it was created right here in my city. You Rock!

    1. Heather, that's great to hear that people are using it! We did it on a whim one night. My mom teaches dances, if you ever want to do some with your kids. My sister just started this fall as a music teacher in the Westbrook elementary system, so if you have some secret club, maybe you should invite her. (Her name is Gretchen).