Sites I Support

Portland Buy Local
Buy local! You should do it! We should all do it! This site tell you how, and how to be a cool local business. There's not alot else to say about it.

Riverbank Republic (coming soon)
This is the beginning of a community network. . . I love the idea! Find out about Westbrook, Maine! I had a link here, but the site is not ready to open yet. I have been told that it will be up within six months. When that happens I am sure I will post a notice anyway.

Satellite Lot
The guy I know in this band is Aaron Hautala. The music is great! And I'll vouch for the guy too. He's the brother of my good Friend Jesse Hautala. Satellite Lot is up and coming, based in Portland, Maine.

Toni Buzzeo
Toph's mom, writer, and second mother to me.

This may not look like much, but it's the main site for one of my professor Lefteris Pavlides, who is making wind energy happen in Rhode Island.

Jim Cole
I grew up with Jim (I always called him James) and he is now a producer! The movie "Sundowning" is being released in Portland this spring, 2006. The trailer is on his site and its quite good.

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  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2006

    Thanks for the wind link, glad to see it.

    Tom Gray
    American Wind Energy Association