Friends' Websites

This includes, but is not limited to, the words of the great Ryan McClain.

Joe Pollack's Site
Joe and I were contemporaries at RWU, and I am honored to say that.

Robert Thomas's Site
Robert and I were Boyscouts together. That started everything.

Toph Cyll's Site
Topher and I have known eachother forever, literally. (In terms of my consiousness anyway.)

Jesse Hautala
Jesse doesn't have a website that I know of, but he deserves a shout-out. This site is talks about a recent gig of his.

Liou's Site
I met Liou in Catania, Sicily. Some of the best days of my life. He is now in the East! Why not right?


  1. Catania! i love it there! my family is from Sambuca... an hour south of palermo! well- ciao!

    BTW- I have to know- are you straight or no?

  2. Hello, whoever this is, I assume you will know where to look for this answer. . . i dunno. I am straight, but if you thought otherwise, no offense taken, I see it as a good thing. And yes, catania was amazing!