TC Wear

I may have just graduated. I agree, that IS important. There is more though! I am finally selling "TCWear"! I have been meaning to make Truth Crusader apparel for awhile, and I have made one t-shirt now. This leaves much to be done. For example I have to make a strong statement declaring what it means to be in "TCWear." I would hate for people to get the wrong idea about it. (Seeing as I will make no profit from these sales.)

Just a warning though. The uploaded image for that shirt isn't very good. So don't get all excited and buy it yet. Hold your horses, the time will come! This is the image you would get to see on the site!

It is also important to have a nice looking dude show how cool the shirt could look if I didn't put my lousy image on it:


  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2006

    I will buy Truth Crusader wear and I will wear it to the mall. There I will learn the horrible truth: I am made of meat.


  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2006

    Where can I get one? I guess I've always been a truth crusader, but never had the shirt to make it official. help me out. when you get some copies made give me a call and send me the bill. I'm gonna need an XL. here is my alter email account: digimanufact@yahoo.com I'd give you the one I check more regularly, but I don't know who will be reading this. -Nate Richards