What do I live for?

I wrote this on May 12th but didn't feel comfortable posting it. Please consider reading the blog of my brother-in-law, Bogart. He inspired this entry.

On my most motivated days I live for a chance to make the world a better place where humanity can coexist with nature.
On my least motivated days I live for a home cooked meal and a cold beer in the back yard.

When I'm feeling loved I live for the chance to have and raise my own children with Sasha.
When I'm feeling unloved I live for moment when I can sag into loving arms and just belong.

Every day I live for the change of the seasons.
    I live to experience the brisk wind and the warm sun in the Fall.
    I live for the warm Summer nights that smell like an amusement park.
    I live for the blooming of lilacs, peonies and lillys-of-the-valley in Spring.
    I live clear snowy nights under a full moon.

I live for every family member, every person and everything that has made me who I am.
However much time I have, I hope that I'm making the most of what has made me.
I am too specific to be an accident, as we all are.

I live for the chance to do something better today than I did yesterday.
When I don't succeed at this, I live because I'll have another chance tomorrow.

I live for those exquisite moments of bliss in listening to music.
I live for the chance to create something beautiful.

I live for the adrenaline of competition.
I live for the comradery of being on a team.

I live for the confidence that being married has given me.
I live for the chance to be the boost that Sasha needs.

I live to make my place in the world, however I do it.

I hope that by my living I can be an example.
I aspire to live like those I most respect.

I live because I can overcome all.
I live because I am nothing, and yet by living I can become something.

I live because I cannot wait.
I live because I must let it be.

I live because then there will be a story to tell.

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