Information Overload!

I just was shown three very interesting things all at once!

  • The proportions of Porches! Walking and socially interacting with people spontaneously is just the kind of thing that helps us to trust the world around us. Trusting our world decreases anxiety, fear and suspicion. that's my take on it anyway.
  • MEAT Just read it. You'll enjoy it.
  • Federated Properties This is a HUGE project planned for Portland. I'm curious to see if it happens. I'll save my commentary for another day.


  1. This reminds me of Jane Jacob's "Death and Life of Great American Cities". She talks about the complex nonverbal communication that occurs between people as they walk past each other on the street. This kind of communication is necessary for a city to operate like a healthy organism -- unlike LA, in which people drive everywhere.

    1. Great comment! I was just thinking today that we have all benefited (here in Portland) from the occupy movement for this very reason. It has been healthy for the general public and the homeless to be in the same public space together. I am going to miss knowing that some of the city's homeless are doing ok. Soon no one will know anymore.

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